I Can’t Find You: How To Self-Promote Without Being a Douche

When you send an email, do you have a permanent signature on the bottom? If you do, YEA! If you don’t, why not?  Even if it is your private email, you are  missing opportunities to promote yourself. My… Read More

Because He Is All Of Our Sons Now

(Special thanks to my friend Dwana De La Cerna, for her permission to include her Facebook comments. To read more of her thoughts on the Trayvon Martin killing, see her post here.) My online network was definitely discussing… Read More

Building Community Connections: Collaboration Facilitated

  I am a really good connector. Connecting is like my crack cocaine. I see the extraordinary potential of putting the right people together. I want to see it happening on a much larger scale, beyond what I,… Read More

So Your Organization Needs Some Technology? Perhaps It’s Free…

“At the juncture of tech and nonprofits.” That is one of the descriptions I put in my Twitter bio. It is a relatively new place for me. I am not really a highly skilled techie type. However, living… Read More

If You’re Gonna “Do” Social Media, Do It!

This past week I went to a Facebook page of a nonprofit organization. I was excited to have the opportunity to engage with people there. However, when I got to the page, it was filled with posts, a… Read More

Businesses and Social Good: It Takes Work to Make it Work

It has become trendy to do social good. Everyone is getting in on the act. This includes the business world. However, businesses doing social good is not a new idea. Think of the Ronald McDonald House or Target’s… Read More

Mother’s Day 2011: Moving On

Mother’s Day 2011. Caught me totally off guard. I thought it would be just another Mother’s Day. The day has been bittersweet for me since I lost my own mother 25 years ago. But having my three children… Read More

To All The Men I’ve Loved Before

MEN! How often in the past few days, weeks or months have you heard someone exclaiming negative generalities about them? I know I have far too many times. In the 50 years since I was born, there has… Read More

The Joy of Success: It’s Not Always What We Expect

A few weeks ago, I made my kids pasta with pesto and sauteed green beans.  A fairly typical dinner for us.  But what made it unusual was that we picked the basil for the pesto and the green… Read More

Low Income Children: Starting The Race Way Behind The Line!

I have been unemployed for over a year.  It hasn’t been because I haven’t tried all the best (and some of the not best) ways of obtaining a job.  The economy sucks.  And as a nonprofit professional, it… Read More