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ChicagoCOUNTs: Conference Uniting Nonprofits & Technology

In the fall of 2009, while attending SocialDevCamp Chicago, I was struck with the idea that nonprofit organizations should have events to learn more about technology too. One year later, the first ChicagoCOUNTs was born. Since then, the idea has morphed into a series of events with partners and participants throughout Chicago.

Chicago Counts (COnference Uniting Nonprofits and Technology) brings together nonprofit professionals, volunteers, and small business owners, who benefit not only from the extraordinary learning that takes place, but also from the relationships that develop between the people who attend. There are a variety of events, including a large conference that looks at many different types of technology, multiple events that bring together different communities within the sector (i.e. faith, youth, LGBTQ, health) and events that focus on a narrow area of technology (video, data, social media.) If you are interested in attending a Chicago Counts event, please check the calendar page for more information on upcoming events.

We are committed to keeping the price of Chicago Counts low enough that it is not a barrier for anyone to attend. In order to do that, we have relied upon the generous support of sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming event, or providing a location or other inkind donations, please contact Heidi Massey by emailing her at heidi at communityconnective dot net.

If you are interested in speaking at an upcoming Chicago Counts event, please contact Heidi Massey by emailing her at heidi at communityconnective dot net.

From Chicago Counts Attendees:

“The conference really exceeded my expectations and I walked away with so many great tools.”

“I totally should have been coming to @ChicagoCounts all along. I’ve never felt more at home – new media and tech for #socialgood.”

“How I love waking up with a knowledge hangover, and a jaw tired from talking, smiling and laughing. Again, again, again!”

“I thought it was an amazing event and was so impressed with the quality of both speakers and attendees…This is the best Tech event i have ever been to.”

“Chicago Counts completely exceeded my expectations…Will definitely be returning next year and will be recommending this conference VERY HIGHLY. Thank you!”

“I walked away with a great feeling and a great deal of knowledge and connections.”

“Can’t wait for next year!!!”

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