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You Want Money Too?

Safe Deposit Boxes cayman_islands_buttonI just received an email from Illinois PIRG, (Public Interest Research Group) a consumer interest group. They do some great work and serve as terrific consumer advocates. So I was excited by this email that suggested we all band together and flood Bank of America’s Cayman Islands P.O.Box with postcards today, April 15, tax day. It is a brilliant idea to connect millions of Americans paying taxes with large corporations dodging taxes with offshore accounts.

However, once I clicked on the link to participate, I saw that I had to make a donation to Illinois PIRG to do so. Sadly, they have this all wrong. If I don’t contribute, they lose me as a willing participant in this great idea. But by participating, they increase their numbers, and thus, the credibility of the initiative. And, large numbers of us who would participate would also post that we did so on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. I have a large network, so there is great value in having me do that.

ILPIRG Letter screen-shot-2013-04-15-at-1-12-31-pm

I understand the need to fundraise. I also think associating fundraising with this idea is not all bad. But Illinois PIRG should have done it as an add on after I participate, not as a requirement. It is a lost opportunity for them and for me. And instead of singing their praises, I am frustrated with them and publicly venting about my frustration.

C’mon organizations. We really can do better than this!

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