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Meet Our Team

The CommunityConnective Team

The CommunityConnective team believes in modeling anti-racism not only with our clients but also with each other. We believe in the importance of doing excellent work and exceeding the expectations of our clients. However, we also believe in rejecting white supremacy culture in how we work with our clients and with each other. This means we believe in caring for our clients and each other as human beings. It means we don’t shame anyone when tasks take a little longer or there is a need to make space for rest. We know this work takes time and we don’t believe in unnecessary urgency. And we won’t let that way of thinking derail us from doing work with clients that is rooted in deep learning and transformational change.


Heidi Massey

Founder, CommunityConnective

Heidi (she/her) is a community builder and passionate connector who is committed to building a better world—one that works for all of us. Throughout her 40 year career, Heidi has focused almost exclusively on nonprofit organizations as that is the place where she has connected most deeply with the work and found the most meaningful relationships. Her responsibilities have included education, program planning, building communities, project management, technology, advocacy, and management across many different issues and focus areas. Heidi has always believed in the importance of being in alignment with the values she holds. Her fierce commitment to the value of integrity led her many years ago to begin the lifelong journey of learning about racism and dismantling the oppressive ideas of white supremacy culture that are instilled in all of us. In her work with clients, Heidi is guided by that integrity instead of the fear that we all experience as white people when engaging in difficult conversations about race and related ideas. This means that instead of shying away from challenging topics with clients, she is direct, honest, and firm. But she also believes in framing these conversations with kindness and care. Additionally, prioritizing relationships and community are always central to Heidi’s work and drive her to care deeply about her partners and clients. And her ability to identify hidden gaps or areas that may be unclear in a planning process and utilize questions to help bring about clarity for clients gives rise to experiences and outcomes that are deeply impactful for the organization as well as those who participate in that process.

In 2017, Heidi was chosen to be a Racial Equity Fellow in Chicago United for Equity’s inaugural year of the program and was also trained as a racial healing circle facilitator as a part of Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation in Chicago. She is one of three co-founders of Envisioning Equity: Strategic Planning for Inclusive Organizations, a conference created to address systemic racism in organizations.

Heidi is the mom of 3 adult children who have taught her much of what she knows about the world. She is frequently found pedaling on one of Chicago’s many bike paths, experimenting in the kitchen with new ways to make vegetarian food delicious, or being delighted by small children in her network of family and friends.


Prerna Abbi-Scanlon


Prerna (she/they) is a problem-solving doula, caring for you and your challenge until the right solution is found. She guides clients as they think about how to handle issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and to implement long-lasting solutions rooted in care. She has spent her entire career doing this work, with focus on racial equity, religious diversity, LGBTQ identities, helping different generations to work together productively, and bringing people together on shared values across lines of difference. Prerna’s portfolio of work cuts across sectors, including religious institutions, year of service programming, nonprofits, philanthropy, the corporate sector, and community groups. She is a founding member of Moxie Consultancy Collective, a consultancy run by Black and Brown queer women. Prerna brings a penchant for coaching that makes her an excellent sounding board, teacher, facilitator, and strategic planning partner, and a knack for communication that allows her to help you share your important message.


Rebecca Brown


rebecca (she/they) is a dynamic facilitator, consultant, trainer and thought partner. Her work is rooted in and filtered through her intersectional identities, including those of a Black and mixed, queer, energetically-driven poet, deep listener, unique thinker, and introvert. rebecca often describes herself as “made of questions (that don’t always need answers)” and uses this orientation to propel reflection, expansive considerations, creative problem-solving, productive dialogue and innovative creation with her work partners and client-partners.

After working in literary-arts and youth-focused non-profits for 15 years, rebecca has built her practice as a facilitator/consultant with the tenets of honoring full humanity, healing, evolution of selves, connectivity and action that results in meaningful and needed change for those most impacted by inequities and injustice. Her work now includes design and facilitation of dialogues, consulting on assessment and strategic projects, coaching/thought partnership, and facilitation of educational, exploratory, restorative and creative spaces. She believes in the power and need for levity, music and joy in the midst of the very real challenge and struggle involved in bringing ourselves and the world around us into right relationship with ourselves. rebecca is proud to share her skills for simultaneous big-picture/small-detail thinking; comfort with uncertainty and continuous learning; dedication to reflection; and capacity for finding the right questions to move forward in all her endeavors.


LaTanya Lane


LaTanya (she/her) is a facilitator, writer, and performer. She leads trainings and workshops in a variety of professional and community settings, many with a focus on navigating challenges, personal and professional growth, authentic communication, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. LaTanya is a two-time alum of the Voices of our Nations Arts Writers Workshop and winner of the 2018 Diverse Worlds Grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation. LaTanya is a company member with 2nd Story, a Chicago-based storytelling collective. When not working, LaTanya spends her time with her family and friends enjoying adventure and the arts in the Chicago area.

Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Heidi, Prerna, and rebecca for the past three years, and I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable their contributions have been to the education and progress of our organization. Their dedication and commitment to our mission have been truly remarkable.

During 2020, post the murder of George Floyd, my organization was in dire need of external assistance to sort through the many emotions flowing through staff. With the help of Heidi Massey’s expertise in social justice and racial equity, her anti-racist work was just what we needed at the time we needed it most. Not only did Heidi help plan the structure and assisted with the facilitation of our racial caucuses, her work started the healing process that was essential in changing the workplace culture around race and building allies. We are more than grateful to have partnered with Community Connective and truly value Heidi’s expertise.

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and partnering with Heidi in a variety of ways over the last 10 years – in one to one and small group sessions, workshops, panels, and more! She is a highly skilled, versatile, and conscious facilitator and thought leader in the equity, social justice, and leadership spaces. Heidi’s knowledge base and experience is deep, and she also partners well with other facilitators to ensure the voices and lived experience of diverse participant groups are present. Every learning experience I’ve had with Heidi has been transformative.

They nurtured my belief that vulnerability is an important value of a leader when changing the culture of an organization that seeks to embody diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Working with Prerna and Heidi through our coaching sessions helped to pay more attention to my inner voice, to trust my intuition, to be open to make mistakes, and to respect the pace of inclusive processes during the construction and implementation of policies and decision-making.

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