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I have had the pleasure of working with Heidi, Prerna, and rebecca for the past three years, and I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable their contributions have been to the education and progress of our organization. Their dedication and commitment to our mission have been truly remarkable.

During 2020, post the murder of George Floyd, my organization was in dire need of external assistance to sort through the many emotions flowing through staff. With the help of Heidi Massey’s expertise in social justice and racial equity, her anti-racist work was just what we needed at the time we needed it most. Not only did Heidi help plan the structure and assisted with the facilitation of our racial caucuses, her work started the healing process that was essential in changing the workplace culture around race and building allies. We are more than grateful to have partnered with Community Connective and truly value Heidi’s expertise.

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and partnering with Heidi in a variety of ways over the last 10 years – in one to one and small group sessions, workshops, panels, and more! She is a highly skilled, versatile, and conscious facilitator and thought leader in the equity, social justice, and leadership spaces. Heidi’s knowledge base and experience is deep, and she also partners well with other facilitators to ensure the voices and lived experience of diverse participant groups are present. Every learning experience I’ve had with Heidi has been transformative.

They nurtured my belief that vulnerability is an important value of a leader when changing the culture of an organization that seeks to embody diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Working with Prerna and Heidi through our coaching sessions helped to pay more attention to my inner voice, to trust my intuition, to be open to make mistakes, and to respect the pace of inclusive processes during the construction and implementation of policies and decision-making.

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