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rebecca (she/they) is a dynamic facilitator, consultant, trainer and thought partner. Her work is rooted in and filtered through her intersectional identities, including those of a Black and mixed, queer, energetically-driven poet, deep listener, unique thinker, and introvert. rebecca often describes herself as “made of questions (that don’t always need answers)” and uses this orientation to propel reflection, expansive considerations, creative problem-solving, productive dialogue and innovative creation with her work partners and client-partners.

After working in literary-arts and youth-focused non-profits for 15 years, rebecca has built her practice as a facilitator/consultant with the tenets of honoring full humanity, healing, evolution of selves, connectivity and action that results in meaningful and needed change for those most impacted by inequities and injustice. Her work now includes design and facilitation of dialogues, consulting on assessment and strategic projects, coaching/thought partnership, and facilitation of educational, exploratory, restorative and creative spaces. She believes in the power and need for levity, music and joy in the midst of the very real challenge and struggle involved in bringing ourselves and the world around us into right relationship with ourselves. rebecca is proud to share her skills for simultaneous big-picture/small-detail thinking; comfort with uncertainty and continuous learning; dedication to reflection; and capacity for finding the right questions to move forward in all her endeavors.

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