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Intro To Website Analytics

Angela Wysocki and I decided to create some video blog posts on topics that are important to nonprofits and small businesses and their digital marketing efforts. And we decided to start with website analytics because there is perhaps nothing more important in digital marketing. Especially since so many of the digital marketers out there do not understand the importance of using website analytics. If you are working with a digital marketer or are thinking of hiring one, make sure that website analytics is pivotal in that work. If a marketer says that she does not use website analytics, move along to a different marketer. It is not possible to do quality digital marketing, on social media or anyplace else, without using website analytics to determine what has worked and what has not.

Feel free to post questions in the comments or add any other information you would like. Or reach out to me via the contact page to learn more about how Angela and I use website analytics with our clients.

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