Facebook Groups: A Space for Building Nonprofit Communities

This post is part the Lightspan Digital #MarketingHop on “Social Media for Social Good,” in which bloggers were asked to share their story about how people are using social media to raise money, awareness, communicate with volunteers and… Read More

SMAC! Campaign: A Living Legacy Of Love And Community

This post is dedicated to my mother, Grace Ketroser, who died in October, 1985, from lung cancer, and who understood the value of community better than anyone I know. Between extensive volunteering and inviting every person in Minneapolis… Read More

KLOUT: Not Even A Good Starting Point

Homecoming King and Queen. It seemed so important at the time, but we discover as adults that what leads to winning a popularity contest as a teenager is pretty superficial and doesn’t tell us what is truly important… Read More

ChicagoCOUNTs: Conference Uniting Nonprofits & Technology

In the fall of 2009, while attending SocialDevCamp Chicago, I was struck with the idea that nonprofit organizations should have events to learn more about technology too. One year later, the first ChicagoCOUNTs was born. Since then, the… Read More

How To Really Win An ipad On Twitter

You know all those spam tweets about winning an ipad? Well, I really did win one. Seriously. I created my Twitter profile in 2009 because I kept hearing how great it was. It took me a few months… Read More

Narcissism: Knock It Off!

It was 10:30 p.m. I had decided to challenge myself with a 12 mile bike ride home from the northernmost Chicago el stop. I was riding in the street because it was far better lit than the sidewalks…. Read More

No Car? No Problem!

As of midnight on July 1, 2012, we are officially a carless family. Crazy, I know! It has been an evolution of sorts, to get to this point, and part of an overall transformation since my position at… Read More

Reading, Writing, & The Extraordinary Power of Open Books

I love Open Books. Did you know that Chicago has a low literacy rate of over 50%. I can’t imagine trying to navigate life as an adult, unable to read what I need to, in order to get through… Read More

I Can’t Find You Part Deux: Now You are Acting Like a Douche

I am fed up with all of the e-newsletters coming to my inbox. This frustration stems from the fact that I didn’t sign up for these newsletters. I posted on Facebook that I was on an unsubscribe mission…. Read More

I’m Not A Fundraiser. Really!

I am not a fundraiser. In reality though, working in the nonprofit sector means everyone is involved in fundraising. So it’s not that I have never worn the fundraising hat. It just isn’t the primary description I inscribe… Read More