Being Anti-Racist Requires Real Life Experiences

Multi-Racial Group of Women

Being Anti-Racist Isn’t Just Learning Theories *If we are genuinely interested in being anti-racist, it can’t just be about theory. We spend hours and hours talking about racism. We attend workshops and read books and articles about racism…. Read More

No Silver Linings In The Trump Presidency

No Silver Linings To The Trump Presidency

No Silver Linings In The Trump Presidency There’s some good stuff happening in response to the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA and the current administration. However, let’s not for ONE second describe this as a silver lining. There… Read More

Black Lives Matter–But Not To White People

White People Don’t Believe Black Lives Matter My Black friends today are in excruciating pain. And much of White America has no clue why. Jordan Edwards, a 15 year old child, was gunned down in Dallas, Texas by… Read More