Event Brite Page for r 9/12 Tech/Nonprof

Event Brite Page for r 9/12 Tech/Nonprofit Conference: http://chicagocounts.eventbrite.com Time 2 rock & roll tweeps! cc @NetSquared

Mapquest to Joy: First You Gotta Show Up!

This afternoon my 17 year old daughter Sophie called me from her job at the local ice cream shop to tell me they asked her to stay until close and requested that I bring her dinner.  As a… Read More

Homage to a Network*

About a year ago, my virtual friend (not virtual pretend, but virtual, we connected on LinkedIn and until recently, had never met) Chris Jarvis told me to read The Tipping Point. I had heard of the book but… Read More

Like PR for a Rapist

It started a few days ago when I saw a blog post about BP missing an opportunity on social media because the company was not totally engaged.  A twitter account that looked just like a legitimate BP account… Read More

Earthday 2010: It’s Not Easy Being Green!

Of all days, today I decided I truly cannot live without paper towels.  I have 4 cats who throw up…a lot!  I don’t have a garbage disposal so that throw up needs to get to a garbage can…. Read More

A Job-Maybe Not!

So just maybe, the universe is trying to tell me something. Maybe finding a job isn’t in the cards. Maybe I am meant for a different course.