Homage to a Network*

About a year ago, my virtual friend (not virtual pretend, but virtual, we connected on LinkedIn and until recently, had never met) Chris Jarvis told me to read The Tipping Point. I had heard of the book but… Read More

Like PR for a Rapist

It started a few days ago when I saw a blog post about BP missing an opportunity on social media because the company was not totally engaged.  A twitter account that looked just like a legitimate BP account… Read More

Earthday 2010: It’s Not Easy Being Green!

Of all days, today I decided I truly cannot live without paper towels.  I have 4 cats who throw up…a lot!  I don’t have a garbage disposal so that throw up needs to get to a garbage can…. Read More

A Job-Maybe Not!

So just maybe, the universe is trying to tell me something. Maybe finding a job isn’t in the cards. Maybe I am meant for a different course.