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Headshot-Pro-2nd Most Cropped-Late Fall 2014About Heidi Massey at CommunityConnective

Hi there! Perhaps we haven’t met. I’m Heidi Massey. CommunityConnective is my company. I describe myself as a millennial born a bit early. I am an extremely passionate connector. (Thus, CommunityConnective.) Sometimes, being a connector means providing meaningful introductions between people who I am convinced need to know each other. And sometimes, it means creating connections for people to new ideas. Whether it is technology or strategic planning or racial equity, or maybe even a combination of all three, I love facilitating those connections, too!

For 25 years, I worked at nonprofit organizations, building community engagement in educational, social, and issues-based programs. In 2009, when social media began to explode, I started to explore new ways of weaving connections and building community. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of organizations and businesses, both professionally and as a volunteer, to help them connect meaningfully with their audiences in the digital space and learn how to utilize the tools and technology best suited to their needs. I have also helped organizations increase their effectiveness by facilitating┬áthe creation of strategic plans that align their efforts (digital marketing, governance, and programmatic) with their mission and vision. More recently, I have channeled my racial justice activism into helping organizations in the nonprofit sector take steps to become more equitable. I realize these are not services that tend to be offered by one consultant. That’s the beauty of working for myself. I get to choose. And everyday, I am very aware of how lucky I am to be doing work that I love in all of these different disciplines.


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In my spare time, I love to hop on my bike and ride Chicago’s lake path, visit my local farmers market, or catch some sort of live show. I have a major sweet tooth, especially…well…really…all of it. And although I love and adore my three kids, I am truly thrilled to be an empty nester.

OK, your turn! Tell me more about you and how I might be able to help. Feel free to reach out to me if you think that we have something to discuss. If you are part of a business or nonprofit that needs to do better online, or if it’s time to work on a strategic plan, or if you are ready to work on racial equity, or if you are convinced you can get more done with the right technology, give me a shout over on my contact page, and let’s get the conversation going.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Heidi Massey

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